I'm Juan Cabrera (/ˈxwãn/, he/him), a Chilean-born,
New York-based Creative Tech Lead
specialized in Immersive Technologies. Gamified Products, Game Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Unity, C#, Cocos Creator, 3D, Blender, Logic Pro

I build and lead teams to create great
products and experiences.

Currently doing cool stuff like immersive experiences (AR/VR), digital twins, gamified products, new tech and platforms, game development and also figthing the good fight on the D&I front
at ustwo.

Feel free to reach out at hello@juan.me, I’m always open to learn more, collaborate and new opportunities. 

- User-Centric Engineering: How to break the rules in order to build better immersive products. (ustwo blog)
- Creating a safe space for your team (LeadDev)

linkedin @cabrerac
github   @juancabrera
twitter  @cabrera_dev